How Social Media Supports Companies

Social Media Support for All Critical Areas of an Organization in Different Ways.

Undoubtedly, social media affects all critical areas of an organization from sales to marketing and HR to customer services. An organization cannot grow without social support. If you want to establish your brand image among common man then you have to be social. Online relationships can be made stronger with the help of social media. Here we will discuss how social media supports all critical areas of an organization in five different ways.

  • Social media helps in sales promotion

  • Social media helps in human resource management

  • Social media supports top-level managers

  • Social media supports marketing

  • Social medial supports PR also

The primary use of social media is for sales promotion. You just have to know how social media can be used as primary sales tool. Social media also helps you in making strong network with potential customers or buyers. Business network can be made with the help of popular business websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. All websites are offering excellent business opportunities for sales promotion. By using any social network, organization can find, connect, or build relationships with the customers. Social media is the key for sales in the mobile world and sales are the key for any organization’s growth.

With the help of social media websites, HR can search for educated and talented profiles online. LinkedIn can be taken as most popular social tool to achieve this objective. More than seventy percent organizations are using LinkedIn for business promotion or to search their next client. In fact, HR managers are making most of the advantages from social media websites. In this competitive age, there is high demand of talented profiles and social media websites completes this task for you in few simple steps.

At the first step, you have to search profiles and groups interested in your product and services. Once you have identified interested users, now add them to your profile and share your personal information for establishing a strong bond between two parties. Interact with the added friends and try to start meaningful conversation with the users. You can ask them to visit your opt – in page or sales page immediately. It would be great if they can refer more users for your website.

Now find the groups and join them. Create a signature and invite the group members to your website. This is the excellent medium to drive huge traffic to your website quickly as you are dealing with a group now, not with the individual user. Also take active participation in group discussions and try to answer their questions. You should post opt – in page of your product at the group and request the users to visit it immediately. Also ask the visitors to send the feedback to optimize your services for generating the desirable leads for your website.

Try to find the users that are popular with endless friend list. It would be great if you can add them as your friend. Introduce yourself immediately to the popular people and explain them what you offer and how it is profitable for them. Use software to create empire of friends and add 100 friends in a day. You should not exceed the limit 3000 initially. This is the best limit to get good results without any scams. Prepare an introductory email and forward it to all friends you are adding regularly. After sometime, you will start getting response from the friends and you can generate effective leads in this simple way.

If you are still not satisfied with the results, you have to optimize your profile in a better way. First of all, use any other computer and open your account over there. Make sure to load your profile quickly without any delay. Examine your profile content closely and make necessary changes if required. You are advised to make slight changes in your profile frequently to improve the page ranking. Also send alert message to your friends every time you make changes to your profile.



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