6 Quick SEO Tips

latest seo tips 2013In this post I will give you 6 tips to improve SEO. Google is changing their algorithm for giving most relevant result for users. However one thing always remain after any search engine algorithm update, “Content”. It will be always on top.

SEO Tips for Website

1. Unique and fresh content

If You are copied content from other website, Search Engines will punish you website specially Google. Not only in your website, don’t post duplicate guest post or articles. This may leads to get penalties your website and your ranking will goes down than current rankings. Before you submit any content, make sure it is not already exists. You can use some online websites to check duplicate content. Here are some website.

2. High quality content

Content is always king. When writing a content make sure you are using your targeting keywords in it. Writing keywords in first paragraph and last sentence may make your content better. But don’t use keywords much more otherwise your website will get punish for Keyword Stuffing. Keep it fine in length. Don’t write too short or too long content. If your article is too short search engines can easily identify that your content is spam. That’s while most of article submission sites only approve articles more than 300 words. Write content for users more than SEO.

3. Natural Backlinks

Building backlinks are going to be very challenging. Google accept only natural backlinks to avoid spam sites. Many of websites are hitting by Google penguin. So build links naturally.  Comment spam will not work any more. Even Google will punish exact match anchor text links, when you are using same anchor text while link building.  Better is to avoid backlinks from untrusted websites. So you should avoid these Mistakes in SEO to rank your website better in Google and other search engines. You can use “Disavow links” in Google webmaster tools to avoid spam links. Try to earn some good backlinks, It is going to be really difficult to get do-follow links.

4. Internal links

Internal links is a very good SEO technique. It have so much features too. Internal links will makes bounce rate lower. Users have the ability to click on relevant links, and you will get good ranking in SEO and a free backlink. You can use related topics or posts after each post. But it should be relevant. By doing this visitors will not leave your website. You can also use “Breadcrumbs” to improve internal links. If you are using WordPress, you can checkout some essential SEO plugins that may make your blog’s rank better.

5. Social media

Social media have a great role for SEO in 2013. Getting likes in social media is showing that your content is good. Google +1, Facebook likes , Tweets will play a major role in Search engine optimization. After publishing your content make sure you are submitted post to social media websites such as Facebook, Google +1, twitter. Also your post will get more publicity in social marketing. So Share your post after publish.

6. Mobile friendly website

Day by day each people are  jumping from PC to tablets, smart phones etc. So half percent of your visitors will come from tablets or smart phones. Ensure you are optimized your website for these mobile devices and this will be a great experience for your visitors! If your blog is WordPress, free WordPress plugins are available to make your website mobile friendly. More than this Google Author Rank play a great role on SEO. To make search more friendly Google has changed their algorithm frequently. Search engine optimization for Google is going to be really difficult. Anyway Focus on your content! I hope that these SEO tips can help you.

Rahul A Nair

Rahul A Nair

Hello there ! I’m , a freelance web developer from India. I am interested in web designing / development and Search engine optimization. I’m available for new projects.
Rahul A Nair
Rahul A Nair

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  1. says

    These are all great tips, these best practices were always the best practices for search engine optimization and probably always will be. Relevant being the main theme for your content, back links and guest posts. If we bring our content to the table for the reader and not the search engine, then we will fulfill the commitment to quality that Google and other search engines are looking for.

  2. says

    This article is very interesting, I continue to learn about SEO, especially for geo-targeted pages on Google Indonesia. I have seen this in 2013, SEO is more difficult, since more and more difficult to predict Google

  3. says

    Yes i agree with you when you say building backlinks is going to be difficult especially when you have to get backlinks relevant to your niche.

  4. Marc A Donald says

    High Quality content + social Media = Miracles !!
    High quality content may generate you some backlinks with high PR from a great websites. This is a normal case, when you make something great everyone will talk about it, users will also be talking about it over social media by sharing your link which is a plus.
    Thank You,
    Marc A Donald

  5. says

    Hi Rahul,
    Your article is good and very interesting. Its is very useful for SEO beginners and all persons.
    We are Houston based Web design and development Company. Our partners sites are affected by the Panda and Penguin updates and after clearing the content and broken links, we got back all our sites.
    Content is King. Nice post.. Keep continuing.

  6. says

    Good post there, Rahul.
    Basically, the recommended and working SEO tactics remain the same as before – quality content, link and niche relevance, social interaciton, anchortext varienty, on-site optimization and etc.
    Maybe the thing that will change is that, those tactics will get higher value – having in mind all the black hat techniques out there and all the websites using them to gain unfair ranking lead.

  7. says

    It seems that the basics never change (nor should they)
    Good, proper content is what websites should be about and hopefully Google and the other search engines will be able to identify the honest proper websites from those who aren’t!

  8. says

    Hello Rahul, I have read your blog post. I must say this is really an informative blof article for all the blog readers. I have bookmarked your blog. 2ndly, I would love to add some more points with your article. It has been proved that building SPAM links will not be good for your website. So as per my views, we need to build authentic and natural links. In 2013, we need to more socially active – share your website in all kinds of social networking platforms. I think use of Infographics can help you a lot to bring targeted traffic to your website. We need to implement Google Authorship with our blog. This will help to build web trust. Anyways, thanks for sharing mate. Keep it up – love to see more from you.

    • Rahul A Nair says

      Hi Henry Smith, I know i am missing Infographics in my blog. I will try it. Thank you for your valuable comment.

  9. says

    so nice information`s has occur in this article…
    very impressive i am a seo analyst so these kind of tips are very useful for us..
    great job i hope you will keep post…
    all the best

  10. says

    Definitely the best practices that would still be accepted by Google Guidelines and algorithm. Black hat SEO techniques are not working anymore that would lead you to website penalization. So be careful with your Off Page SEO practices to increase ranking and traffic.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. With rapid changes in Google algorithms, the results are dancing a lot. The best way is as mentioned by the author, use good contents. Contents had always been King in SEO and it will remain a King.

    On social media, don’t just post your link, add few lines of descriptions so that people can really get an idea of what the link is about and if interested they can click on it.

  12. says

    Hi Mr Rahul,

    It is Very impressive article for SEO Beginners as well as SEO experts. Keep it up. I will book Mark your website.Keep it Up. If you provide facebook,twitter,linkedin account details to go through your more articles. Thank you

  13. says

    All your tips are nice and should be follow for webmasters but as I think social media and natural back links would be key player for SEO in 2013.

  14. says

    Thanks a lot for sharing the ideas. I think original content and good meta keywords is enough and does well. Do some bookmarking and directory submission.

  15. says

    Thanks Rahul for updating about SEO techniques. Well, u have mentioned that it will be tough to come up with some natural back links. Could you please write a post on how to create natural back links so that we get a proper guidance while doing our work

  16. Aloka Kumar Raulo says

    Thanks for your valuable tips regarding SEO. Really I appreciated and please permit me if I will have doubt then I can contact you. Thanks a lot.

  17. says

    Thanks for giving nice information`s has occur in this article…
    very impressive i am a seo analyst so these kind of tips are very useful for us.

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