Are you running an online business? Then, it should be your primary goal to attract more and more visitors to your business website. It’s also obvious that not all of them are going to be your customers. So, you must strive hard to ensure more traffic to increase the possibility of converting more prospects into customers. 

It’s true there are a number of options available to drive more traffic. But, if you don’t want to invest your time in the trial and error process, the six proven strategies of this post will help you. So, let’s start the discussion. 

  • Choose The Topics For Your Website Contents Wisely: 

Who are you preparing the website contents for? Your audiences, right? Then, if you don’t address their problems or resolve their queries, how can you expect them to stick to your content? 

So, if you are serious about increasing traffic to your website, you need to figure out the search traffic potential of your topics. 

You must write on those topics only a large number of people are searching for a daily basis. 

But, how to do that? Just execute the strategy below.

Your main goal here should be finding out low-Competition, high-Volume keywords. There are a number of keyword explorer tools are available. Choose one tool and insert one or a couple of relevant words. Now, click one of the reports to check out the ideas. It’s time to filter the result into two categories. 

First, check the search volume for your desired keywords by analyzing the comprehensive search demand for it. You can also check out the number of times the specific keyword has been searched for in a particular country.

Next, you need to figure out the keyword difficulty of your desired keyword. This metric is represented between the value of zero and a hundred. Thus, you will get a list of proper keywords for your content to keep pace with good search volumes. 

  • Prepare Outstanding Guest Posts:

Preparing top-notch guest posts is essential to show off your worth to the world. Moreover, it also creates a great opportunity to get backlinks (most of the cases). 

Furthermore, you will also get benefits like more referral traffic, improved brand awareness, and so on. 

However, you will also face a lot of challenges in this regard, as everyone keeps on sending pitches for guest blogging to the editors. So, you need to think about something different to stand out from the crowd. 

Remember, not every website advertises for guest blogging or dedicates a “write for us” page. So, it can be a golden opportunity for you to contact those sites to lessen the competition. 

If you are not getting any reply from the first batch of cold email campaigns, start planning for the next. Don’t lose your hope. Use the best strategies to increase the odds of your success. 

  • Promote Your Contents in Online Platforms:

You must make people aware of the existence of your online presence. Content promotion to different online platforms will help you to increase your brand awareness and traffic. 

Create dedicated business pages in all the popular social media platforms. If your contents are helpful to people, you can expect a lot of customer interaction. It’s better to hire a digital marketing company to handle these tasks. Otherwise, you could miss a conversation and your reputation can be affected. 

  • Offer Some Free Stuff: 

We all like to get free gifts, isn’t it? Likewise, you can think about providing some free stuff to your audiences. For instance, you can create a PDF of a comprehensive guide to some useful topic (your target audience can search for). It will increase the value of your brand. 

Else, if you are selling some software, free access to 14 days will let your audiences know more about your business. But, the condition here is that your products and/or services must be of top-notch quality to win the trust of prospects. 

Include the word “Free” in your social media campaigns and you can expect a lot of customers enquiring about it. 

  • Make Some Brilliant Podcasts:

Do you know a large number of people listen to podcasts nowadays? You should not overlook this powerful marketing strategy. 

Although podcast creation is a cumbersome task, it would worth your efforts. However, if you are lacking enough resources, it might not be the right time to start podcasting for your business. 

But, if you are ready to do it, you must plan for their marketing in advance. Target your audiences and hoe for the best!

  • Make A Partnership with Other Brands:

If you need a large base of audience, you can start making collaborations with other brands. Your partners must belong to the same or similar niche, as yours’ or you won’t get any benefit. 

This strategy will help you to get attention to your partners’ websites. Surely, you would need to give some benefits to them as well. 

Some Other Takeaways

Why should people come to your website? Why should they purchase your products and /or services? Have you thought in this way? You must create some exceptions reasons to improve customer retention. 

Reviews and ratings play a significant role when it comes to purchasing decisions. It’s better to take the help of some reputation management software to maintain a good brand image. 

Create videos on some valuable topics related to your niche since many people prefer videos than content when it’s about problem-solving. 

Interviewing some industry leaders (of your niche) is a great idea. You can contact some influences, take interviews, and publish on your site. Thus, you can increase the credibility and reputation of your brand. If the interviewees share the content, you will get even more exposure. 

Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with six proven ways to increase traffic on a website. It’s high time to execute these strategies. Don’t forget to provide personalized experiences to your audiences as much as possible to retain their interest. Otherwise, a high bounce rate won’t make any good for your business.