tips to approve comments


  • Post comment that is related to that blog post

This is the first important thing to get approved your comment. Read the blog post carefully and then comment on it . When reading it you will get a clear idea of what is the blog post about. Never use unrelated comment . For example if the blog is about “How to improve SEO ” then don’t post comments for “How to make a website”. So use related comments and show the admin(moderator) that your comment is not spam.
You can ask any questions also. This will impress the administrator!

  • User your real name

Most of people will give their targeting keyword as name in commenting section. In comment moderation time ,the admin can easily understand this comment is a SPAM . This will lead to unapproved your comment by the moderator.

You can focus your keyword in comment section.If your website have similar or related posts , then you can give the link to that page with your keyword(don’t give unrelated links, don’t use the same URL used in name section , use any other URL of your website).

  • Don’t write comment too short or too long

A Two or three line comment is best comment to get approved. More than three line is good but should be related to that blog post. Don’t write comment too short like “Nice”,”Great” etc. Try to make your comment little bit long.

  • Use Gravatar profile

If you don’t have a gravatar profile register and upload your photo.Most websites will support gravatar on comments . This will help you to show your photo as avatar on your comment . This way, your comment get approved quickly.

  • Link to your social profile

Linking your comments to your social profile will tells the moderator that you are not a spam user.You can include your Facebook,twitter or Google accounts in comments.

  • Use Commentluv if there

Make sure you are tick this option.By using commentluv you will get one more link to your latest post or your favorite post or your twitter profiles!


Using guest comments in this way, you can send a lot of traffic to your website.

Every blog authors likes feedback ! So get started writing your “spam free comments“. Don’t forget to leave a comment!