Latest SEO Tips 2017

In this post, I will give you six tips to improve SEO. Google is changing their algorithm for providing the most relevant result for users. However, one thing always remains after any search engine algorithm update, “Content.” It will always be on top.

SEO Tips for Website

1. Unique and fresh content

If You are copied content from other website, Search Engines will punish your site especially Google. Not only on your website, don’t post duplicate guest post or articles. This may lead to getting penalties your website, and your ranking will go down than current rankings. Before you submit any content, make sure it does not already exist. You can use some online websites to check duplicate content. Here is some website.

2. High-quality content

Content is always king. When writing content, make sure you are using your targeting keywords in it. Corresponding keywords in the first paragraph and the last sentence may make your content better. But don’t use keywords much more otherwise your website will get punish for Keyword Stuffing. Keep it fine in length. Don’t write too short or too long content. If your article is too short search engines can quickly identify your content is spam. That’s while most of the article submission sites only approve articles more than 300 words. Write content for users more than SEO.

3. Natural Backlinks

Building backlinks are going to be very challenging. Google accepts only natural backlinks to avoid spam sites. Many of websites are hitting Google penguin. So build links naturally.  Comment spam will not work anymore. Even Google will punish exact match anchor text links when you are using the same anchor text while link building.  Better is to avoid backlinks from untrusted websites. So you should avoid these Mistakes in SEO to rank your site better in Google and other search engines. You can use “Disavow links” in Google webmaster tools to avoid spam links. Try to earn some good backlinks; It is going to be difficult to get do-follow links.

4. Internal links

Internal links are a very good SEO technique. It has so many features too. Internal links will make bounce rate lower. Users can click on relevant links, and you will get a good ranking in SEO and a free backlink. You can use related topics or posts after each post. But it should be relevant. By doing this visitors will not leave your website. You can also use “Breadcrumbs” to improve internal links. If you are using WordPress, you can check out some essential SEO plugins that may make your blog’s rank better.

5. Social media

Social media has a great role in SEO in 2017. Getting likes on social media is showing that your content is good. Google +1, Facebook likes, Tweets will play a significant role in Search engine optimization. After publishing your content make sure you are submitted the post to social media websites such as Facebook, Google +1, twitter. Also, your post will get more publicity in social marketing. So Share your post after publishing.

6. Mobile friendly website

Day by day each people are jumping from PC to tablets, smartphones, etc. So half percent of your visitors will come from tablets or smartphones. Ensure you have optimized your website for these mobile devices and this will be an excellent experience for your visitors! If your blog is WordPress, free WordPress plugins are available to make your website mobile friendly. More than this Google Author Rank play a significant role in SEO. To make search more friendly, Google has changed its algorithm frequently. Search engine optimization for Google is going to be difficult. Anyway, Focus on your content! I hope that these SEO tips can help you.