SEO tools are a necessary thing for webmasters. Using these tools, it is easily to identify the profile of a website among the web. Here are 18 free SEO Tools for 6 different uses.

SEO Analysis Tools

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics seo

Google analytics is one of the best free analytics tool. Google analytics will track your daily visitors and the source they are coming from, visitors country, time on site, organic search queries, social activities and more. You can add as many website in a single account. You need is just copy paste some code from Google analytics to your website. Note – This code is essential to monitor your site and you cannot see any report while you didn’t place this code on your site.

2. Google Webmasters

Google webmaster tools

Google webmaster is an all-rounder! This is my favorite tool because it have a lot of features. Google webmaster doesn’t need any tracking code but it needs to verify your site by placing some code. It can show you your site health, crawl errors, search queries and their ranking by position, search queries impressions and clicks, backlinks, submit sitemap and more. Google webmaster is an essential tool.

3. Bing Webmaster

Bing webmaster tools

Like Google webmaster tools, Bing search engine also have webmaster tool. Most of options are same as Google webmaster. The different thing is bing shows data related to bing search. It is also an important tool because bing’s algorithm is completely different from Google. So you need to analyze Bing and Google separately.

4. Woorank

woorank seo analysis tool

woorank is to check SEO score. It can show the SEO score of a website in a scale out of 100. The free usage is limited on this site. You can check one site and you need to go premium for more.

Duplicate Content Checker

5. Copyscape

copyscape duplicate content checker

Copyscape is a simple tool to check duplicate contents. You will get results while it detects duplicate contents for given URL. Copyscape also provide premium service. A premium account can notify you whether it detects duplicate entry via email.

6. Plagium

plagium duplicate content check

In Plagium the input is should be text and not URL. Hence you can find out whether the text is exist. You can search by simple/deep. You will get better result in deep search. Advanced options like language, relevancy are also possible in plagium. It supports up to 25,000 characters.

7. Plagspotter

plagspotter duplicate content finder

PlagSpotter is a duplicate content checker, which can display matched content in percentage.  PlagSpotter will display each website that match your content and number of words that are matched. PlagSpotter also offer premium service, but you can check duplicate content for free.

Backlink Checker

8. Open site explorer

opensiteexplorer backlink checker

Open site explorer is a great backlink checking tool. You can compare your website with other four website. If you doesn’t want to compare, just enter your domain and explore your backlinks. In result page you can see Domain Authority, Page Authority, backlinks with dofollow/nofollow, anchor text and more. For more features like social sharing should need to go PRO.

9. Ahrefs

ahrefs backlink checking tool is an another site to check backlinks. The reports are limited for the quest users. So this site needs an account to get more report. Its free to sign up.

10. Backlinkwatch

backlinkwatch tool will show you almost all backlinks that are linking to your website. Backlinkwatch will show total backlinks, anchor text, NoFollow or DoFollow, outbount links and pagerank of that webpage.

Keyword Analysis Tools

11. Google AdWords keyword tool

google adwords keyword analysis

Google AdWords is one of best and widely used free keyword tool. More than keyword you can filter result with website, its category, location, language and devices.  In the result section you can see keywords competition, global and local monthly searches. If you find any exact keywords, you can select “show more like this” and you will get much better result.

12. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Keywords Analysis tool

An online tool to get keyword suggestions. You can get more relevant result by selecting languages and type of search such as web or image or video. It also shows similar keywords while click on each one.

13. Keywordspy

Keywordspy Analysis tool

Keywordspy is a great tool which have a lot of options. Keywords can be search with in country. While the result appear you can see a lot of sections in it. In overview section you can see PPC Advertisers, CPC and Search Volume. This CPC and Search Volume can be view by each related keyword in the result. In Competitors Overview section you can see PPC Competitors and Organic Competitors. And more features are available on this site. Premium service is also available for more features.

14. SEMScoop Keyword Tool

SEMScoop is a smart out of the box keyword research and serp analysis tool for digital marketers, bloggers, and small businesses who are interested in improving their site’s overall ranking. It can help find true ranking opportunities & low SEO difficulty terms to create smart and competitive contents.

Broken Link Checker

15. W3C Link Checker

w3c broken link checker

W3C Link Checker is a great tool to check links. This tool will check broken and redirecting links. It also show you description and you can easily find solution.

16. Link Valet


Link Valet is a free tool to check broken links. It will check all links in the given URL. You can see the status of each links in the result page and hence you can see broken links. Link Valet can display all status like redirecting, broken, bad request and more.

Keyword Density Checker

17. SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer

seobook keyword density

This tool is very useful to find keyword density. After you entering your website URL you can include meta tags if you want. In the result page the keywords will be divided as one, two and three phrase keyword. And in each of these you can see keyword with its count and its density.

18. Keyword Density

Keyword Density tool online allows to compare keywords with two websites. After entering two URL and keyword, total count and density of both websites. Keywords will be count from title, meta tags, text, image alt, URL, links and more. All of these can be view separately.