Perfect blog post titles

Why Blog Titles Are Important?

Did You giving care for your blog titles? Blog titles have a magical power! A good title can flow visitors without leaving your website. Most of organic traffic will comes in the base of its title. Because it is the first thing that people see and they will take decision to read or not, based on blog title. The reader have to understand what this blog about while reading its heading. You may write killer content in blog, but if you are failed in writing a perfect title, you will not get a good result as you expect. It is also important for Search engine optimization because title tag have a big role in SEO. Better is to keep the same blog heading text in title tag of the page. While writing a blog, give a dummy title and modify it after writing whole content.

1. Think more times

Think what are you writing about. And definitely you will get a title for that content. List all your ideas and choose one of that which is best for your content. Make sure the title is providing right, relevant heading about the blog. Research for queries that people frequently searched. Google auto complete search is an quick way to get similar and popular queries.

2. Don’t duplicate titles

Nobody likes to read same content again. Even the content changed, readers don’t like to read while the title appears same. Duplicate headings can make people confuse. If you are writing same thing with different content that you write before, then make it slightly different in titles. Duplicate titles can dislike your website for users and also search engines.

3. Use keywords

It is important to include targeting keywords in the title. Do not write blog title without having keywords in it. Using keyword properly can helpful for users and also search engines to know about your content. Additionally, use attractive words such as “Free”,”Best”,”Latest”.
4. Remember keyword stuffing
Never repeat keywords again and again. Better is to keep it one time, and keywords should not exceed two times. It will resultant to keyword stuffing.

5. Use numbers

Include numbers on you title if you are writing blog point wise. For example if blog is about SEO tips, then make it something like 6 SEO tips. It is a great way to impress people. They will have more interest to read the blog.

6. Use question

It will be Looks Great! Readers have a tendency to know about that question. Use Question words like Why, What, Which etc. on blog titles. Most of people will search on search engine by question. While making it question, it will become more relevant and have more chance to increase CTR.

7. Don’t go too short or too long

Never keep titles too short or too long. If the title is short, it will be difficult to rank well. Keep it under 70 characters. Read this blog to understand the perfect length, Long tail Vs Short tail Keyword. It is better to avoid blog / company name from title tag, if content is unrelated.

8. Include Humor

A humor heading can make readers laugh and also to think. This is an optional point. So you can include humor if you got any stuff that makes them happy.